Workshops and Seminars with Johannes Bohun

    Born in 1978 in Vienna, Austria he graduates from music college in 2000 summa cum laude. After working for a year with disadvantaged youths for his civil service he goes to London to do an open audition for the english show STOMP in 2001. He’s the first germanspeaking performer to go on tour with the european cast of the global percussion sensation.

    Since then Johannes has been on stage thousands of times in more than 30 countries on 4 continents. In 2006 he becomes part of the original cast of the LOST&FOUND ORCHESTRA, the new project of the STOMP creators, which celebrates its world premier in Brighton, before breaking the Sydney Opera House box office record yet again.
    Between 2006 and 2010 Johannes gathers experience as a teacher in music schools in Germany and Austria. Since 2010 he commits to his career as a freelancing artist, composer and instructor.

    Johannes Bohun has been working for over a decade now as a musician, producer and performing artist, as well as a composer, choreographer and director for music and theater, like for instance Çihangir Insomnia, a show coproduced by Istanbul2010 European Capital of Culture Agency. With a group of young artists he developed the show Scrapyard Tunes in Moutier, Switzerland.

    For the 2012 Frankfurt Book Fair he wrote boox, a piece for three bibliophiles, which enthused 1400 people in the fair’s congress hall. At the closing ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics Johannes performed with STOMP in front of an audience of 80.000.

    After a decade of travelling the world Johannes Bohun has moved his homebase back to his old hometown Vienna, where doesn’t spend all too much time, though.

    Here a shortlist of some of our happy costumers who enjoyed stomp2gether events and workshops:

    • Bundesgymnasium Sigmund Freud, Vienna, AUT
    • Exxon, Luxemburg
    • Continental, Hannover, GER
    • Geberit, Rapperswil, SUI
    • Henkel, Vienna, AUT
    • Gebrüder Weiss, Lauterach, AUT
    • Akademie Remscheid, GER
    • German Association for Youth Literature, Munich, GER
    • Hernalser Gymnasium, Vienna, AUT
    • Conservatoire Wattrelos, Lille, F
    • Teatro Furio Camillo,  Rome, I
    • Amorbachschule GWRS, Neckarsulm, GER
    • Jeune Public, Moutier, SUI
    • BAKIP Kenyongasse, Vienna, AUT
    • BAKIP 10, Vienna, AUT
    • BORG Mistelbach, AUT
    • ORG De La Salle Schule, Strebersdorf, AUT
    • Austrian Percussion Camp, Carinthia, AUT
    • Bakirköy Frauenstrafvollzugsanstalt, Istanbul, TR
    • Tarlabasi Community Center, Istanbul, TR
    • Rhythmik Tage Nord 2012, Schnega, GER

    Wether it’s an incentive with Exxon executives in Luxemburg, a workshop at a highschool, a college, or even a turkish prison, a masterclass for musicians or a performance at the Sydney Opera House or the London Olympic Stadium:

    The power of rhythm is all that counts
    for Johannes Bohun.

    For years now Johannes Bohun has successfully led his stomp2gether workshops all over Europe in four languages, mixing his manifold experiences as a musician, composer and director with his influence of touring throughout the globe with STOMP for over a decade now.